BIM Dictionary - Be able to send several terms simultaneously to the reviewer

Dear BIMe Team,

it would be nice if there (for the language editors) were the possibility to mark several terms at the same time, or even all translated terms in one go, for the review process and make them available to the responsible person. The current process takes time, as you have to forward each term individually with several clicks.

What do you think? Do you find this feature useful?




We’ve transfered everything to a google sheet and work off of there. We then do a bulk upload of all terms. It is more efficient than going one at a time.

But agreed, being able to have a more comprehensive overview of the terms would be beneficial

Thanks Stephan,
This feature has now been scheduled for development over the next couple of weeks.

Hello Stephan,
This feature is now available. Please test it when you can.
I hope all is well with you…stay safe.

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Great to hear @Bilal. Will test it later this day.

Best wishes and stay healthy


Where do I find the possibilities? Can’t get it to work. If I mark all terms with the status “draft” where can I send them all to the reviewer at once?

I see the error. I’ll double check with the developer. Thanks for flagging it.

Hi Stephan, it’s now working after some calibrations. Can you please try again now. Thanks.

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Awesome!!! :partying_face: Thank you for this feature. All terms are sent for review.

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