BIM Dictionary - Download terms already translated

Hi Bilal
We had a need relating the terms already present on BIM Dictionary and we wanted to know if is possible to download massively all the terms translated (“a&b” and part of “c”) into our language with all the fields provided (multiple plurals, acronym, description and title).

Is it possible?

Thank you

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Hi Endriol,
Good suggestion. I’ve scheduled this requested feature for development. I’ll update you as soon as it’s ready (hopefully by the end of the week).

Hello @Endriol,
The feature requested is now available:
Under the Editor’s or co-Editor’s Dashboard, please select a set to download. You now have the option to download completed translations within the set.
If the translation included rich text features, the translations may include an HTML tag like

at the start and end. We cannot remove these as we need them if we ever wanted to re-upload.
Please test the feature and let me know if it’s working as expected.

Hello @Bilal
I make some tests and it works as we want about the informations. Is not a problem the tag “

” (at the start and the end of the description, but in some descriptions we find the situation that I am showing in the attachment:

I think we find a lot of informations about font size, font weight, colours etc.

Can we fix that part?

Thank you for the support!

Hi Endriol,
I checked with the developer and we need to keep the formatting in the database so it’s better to remove the HTML tags from the local/downloaded file. This can be done easily using the Search and Replace function in Excel (you need to do it only once):

  1. Select the cell that contains the HTML tags or all cells in one go
  2. Select Editing> Replace (or press CTRL + H). In the “Find what” field enter <*>.
  3. Keep the “Replace with” field blank and then press the “Replace All” button. That’s it.
    I hope this is a workable solution for you.