BIM Dictionary Website in LOTE

Dear @Bilal, dear @Marzia,

I would like to suggest the translation of some content of the website itself also into LOTE. Tabs, Search bar, changing language etc.

Additionally if the user change the language from English, it would be nice if they could directly see the terms in their own language.

I think this will improve the user experience for people who do not know English.

Also the Search bar for searching only the terms translated to a LOTE is somehow hidden and not easy to find.

Hope this feedback helps.


Hi @Burcu, changing the Primary Language for the BIM Dictionary is a key planned feature but requires a lot of coding to work properly (the feature is currently disabled under each user’s avatar). We have to do some major refactoring first and then focus on delivering this feature.

The second suggestion of displaying terms in Turkish once the filter is set should work now in principle. I do see a few terms appearing in English (that’s a bug, I will inform the developer).

In case this feature is missed, a user can set the Secondary Language so only one translation is presented.

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Hi @Bilal

Thanks for the clarification. I knew this feature was on its way.

What I meant with the first suggestion is changing the user interface into another language.

Like the tabs above “Contributors” or “About” into other languages. I think this is somehow easy when the translation is prepared. Going to a website that it is not in their language people mostly do not understand how to register.

So we have the website itself (1) and the dictionary content (2).

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Hi @Burcu
I totally agree and asked this to Bilal in the past as for some people is difficult to navigate in the website if the tabs are in English.

Hopefully with more fundings we will be able to achieve this.

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Thanks Burcu, the intended behaviour is - when setting the Primary Language to a LOTE, the interface will change to that language as well as prioritise the language in search results, change buttons/links, and display alternative flat page content (privacy, terms of use, features etc). There isn’t enough value to do this half-way hence the need for substantial coding effort. The system is primed for this and we’ll attack it once a couple more supporters join us.

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Hi @Bilal,

Ok, understood. So the user interface language is integrated with the content language. Looking forward to testing it.

I still think that people would have difficulties registering to the bimdictionary since some do not speak English at all but want to reach the content. They need to find a way somehow maybe use google translate.

Hope we get more supporters in the future, maybe after the Excellence Webinar :slight_smile:

So you are saying that there needs to be a language selector even before a user registers. Got it.

Hi @Bilal

Yes, i am not sure if there is reason behind providing it only for the registered users.

But people are customed to just use a button to change the language whilst visiting websites. E. g. We can provide the globe symbol for changing languages at the top of the page.

I had the same experience at my previous work. We separated the UI Language from the Content Language as per user’s wishes. There were translation files for different languages for the UI. I am not sure about the effort but it was a quick solution.

Just as feedback, I can imagime how difficult it is to decide on things with a limited budget.

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Another additional option could be to open the website based on the browsers language. But still you need a button for it as well.