BIM Dictonary Euskera

Hi @Bilal and @Marzia,

As we discussed with Bilal at the EUBIM congress in Valencia last May 2024, we are going to create the new “Euskera” (Basque Language) team. I need you to remind me of the first steps, I know that they have to do with filling in the momorandum and creating the team, which we already have.
I understand that in order to be able to download the set of terms you first have to create the “new language”.
Well, let’s get started

Hi David. good to see you in Valencia!
I have added the Basque language [Euskera | ISO 639 code: eu] to the BIM Dictionary and assigned you as the Editor. You can download the full set by loging into your account and selecting the role/console by clicking on the avatar.
So we can add your team to, please send the team’s CVs [or LinkedIn profiles] and their BIMd roles.
Many thanks!




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I can´t find the Basque terms in the list

Hi David, is it possible to create a new account on BIMd using a different address - to use for the Basque Language? That would be easier.

Take then

Hi David, I have set things up for you and Albert. The others haven’t signed up on BIMd yet.

Iñaki Maiza and Aitor are already registered on the platform.

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