BIM Education - materials produced

Hello Everyone!

It is with great pleasure that I share with you a presentation that the Amazons team (@Paula @Fernanda @Regina @Lorena_sm ) - with the great contribution of @bruno.mota and @carolinekehl - made at a Brazilian event. The event called ENEBIM encourages academics to introduce new ways of teaching and communication in schools and universities, with a focus on BIM. My team and I adapted MUT 4040 (F2 - Model Uses Templates) to be applied in a model discipline. Please watch the video below and comment on what you think. We will discuss it and, who knows, we will create more uses with this purpose with your contribution.

link to the video: ENEBIM 2021 - Template class to teach clash detection - YouTube

link to the abstract:

Hope you all enjoy it!
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What a great effort by the team…congratulations!
The approach presented is really useful for educators who can easily adapt the Model Use Template to generate their own use-specific learning units. The benefits from this approach will become clearer once new MUTs are completed and published!


I agree. I think that every MUT can be turned into a discipline proposition.