Summary of 2021 - F2 Project

Hi to everyone in the BIMei Community!

We, from the F2 team (Model Use Template - MUT), arrived at the end of 2021 with great expectations regarding our project. We started the project in 2018, and over the years, we have brought people together to improve our deliverables and share knowledge. The coordination team composed of myself (@Paula), @Regina, @Fernanda, @Lorena_sm, @bruno.mota, welcomed a new member @carolinekehl.

A ranking of MUT of interest was development. The ranking was based on simplicity, market demand, innovation and group know-how. The top 10 MUT of interest are: clash detection (4040), accessibility analysis (4010), photogrammetry (2060), construction planning (3020), design authoring (3040), field BIM (7020), generative design (2040), laser scanning (2050), 2D documentation (2010) and 3D detailing (2020).

We started recruitments and managed new Model Use Template teams. They are the MUT 3020 – Construction Planning (Team: @MohammadMayouf, Angela Hugo, Mahya Nazari and Claudia) and MUT 2040 – Generative design (Team: @RogerioLima, Ricardo Freitas, Rui de Klerk, Thiago Pontes and Carlos Dias). The forecast is to finish these two developments by the end of the first half of 2022. We will open a new recruitment phase in July 2022.

We wish happy holidays to everyone in the BIMei community. Thank you for another year of collaboration and sharing. And a big thanks to @Bilal!


What a great team! Thank you each and all!

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